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Our WorkBC Employment Services Centre offers a number of workshops to suit your needs. Please either visit our centre or talk to your Case Manager to learn more.

Identify and Access Transferable Skills

  • To provide Clients with knowledge and skills related to identifying transferable skills, and how to emphasize transferable skills in resumes and cover letters.

Labour Market or Career Research

  • To provide information related to understanding and using Labour Market Information to make effective employment-related decisions.

Unemployment Roller Coaster

  • To provide clients with information on understanding the cycle of emotions that is typically experienced with unemployment.
  • Included are strategies for staying positive and the opportunity to connect as a network and as a group to lean on in job search

Create / Update Resumes

  • To ensure Clients have the assistance required to develop and update individualized and job specific resumes.
  • Includes topics related to effective resume techniques and styles.

Effective Workplace Oral, Written or Non– verbal Communication

  • To provide Clients with knowledge and skills in specific methods of communication for the workplace such as email etiquette and effectiveness, understanding non-verbal communication, perception checking, paraphrasing, summarizing, questioning, raising concerns and offering suggestions.

Self Marketing

  • To provide Clients with information related to identifying strengths and strategies to market skills effectively to potential employers.

Cold Calling

  • To provide Clients with information regarding approaching employers who have not advertised job vacancies.

Interview Skills

  • To provide Clients with information on researching employers and preparing and succeeding in interviews.

Post Interview Follow Up

  • To provide Clients with information related to etiquette in contacting the employer after the interview and where unsuccessful in obtaining employment; receiving and using feedback effectively.

Effective Communication and Problem Solving Within the Workplace

  • To provide Clients with knowledge and skills in effective workplace communication and problem solving such as strategies to address problems successfully in the workplace, maintaining respectful relationships when addressing workplace problems and how to communicate problems to supervisors and co-workers.

Active Listening

  • To provide Clients with knowledge and skills in listening to understand and how this skill can be used effectively in the workplace.

Workplace Assertiveness

  • To provide Clients with knowledge and skills in communicating assertively and appropriately in the workplace.

Workplace Time Management / Organizational Skills

  • To provide Clients with knowledge and skills in time management strategies for the workplace.


  • To provide Clients with information related to networking for job search such and how existing relationships may support job search and finding opportunities for employment networking in social and other environments.

Effective Workplace Behaviour

  • To provide Clients with information related to expected workplace behavior and understanding how to fit into the organizational culture, maintain employment & grow in the workplace.

Job Fairs – Planning for Success

  • To provide Clients with information on how to increase their success at Job fairs, including: opportunities to increase their personal network, find out local industry information and uncover the hidden job market. 

Housing – Creating a Successful Tenancy

  • To provide Participants with tools and strategies to assist them in attaining and maintaining a successful tenancy.

Think and Solve Problems

  • To provide Participants with information on identifying their own primary learning styles so that they can understand how their learning style affects their problem solving skills.

Self Awareness

  • To assist Participants in understanding the importance of self-awareness for job retention and to assist Participants in identifying ways that they can use their strengths to overcome barriers to achieving and maintaining employment.

Learn Continuously

  • To help Participants understand the value of being a lifelong learner and to assist them in identifying their dominant learning style and learn how to utilize this knowledge to maximize their experience in their self marketing package.

Job Retention

  • To assist Participants in understanding the nature of good job skills and to recognize and change behaviours which can cause job loss; to help Participants understand how to make themselves more attractive to employers for promotions.

 Memory and Attention

  • To provide information about techniques that can be learned to enhance their ability to concentrate, memorize, retrieve and retain information, while remaining positive in new learning situations.

 Conflict Resolution

  • To assist Participants in learning how to identify different types of conflict and develop conflict management skill ; to learn practical strategies to acquire the skills of active listening and negotiation.

Work with Others

  • To assist Participants with understanding their personal team work style and to understand and discuss the benefits of synergy as it relates to working in a group.
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The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

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